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Talk To Tim Mentoring Program

Talk To Tim Mentoring Program

We are proud to announce our latest addition to "The War Against Excessive Cancellations" ... the all-new Talk to Tim mentoring program. You've already made incredible progress using the Resource Center; and now we're giving you the chance to fine-tune your sales technique with a one-on-one consultation from our resident expert, Tim Erickson, Director of Web site Sales.

Tim has over 6 years experience selling Web sites and has personally closed over a thousand deals. He knows what it takes to set qualified appointments and now he is setting aside time to help you.

Because of time limitations, we decided to concentrate on the WCO’s who needed the most help – WCO’s who consistently set appointments, but were having problems with excessive cancellations.

If you get 3 or more cancellations (or 50%) starting this week, a message will automatically popup in your Sales Calendar. This message will give you Tim’s toll-free helpline, so you can call him and set a consultation appointment. During your consultation, Tim will assess your appointment-setting skills and then personally instruct you on ways to improve them.

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