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Confirming Appointments

How to Confirm an Appointment
To confirm a qualified appointment, it's extremely important to make sure that all Decision Makers will be present during the walkthrough. In addition, make sure you exchange accurate contact information so that you have a way to notify each other if there are any changes.

You also want to be sure that your prospects do their due diligence before the walkthrough. Ask them to write down any questions and concerns they may have regarding their new business Web site.

Here's an example of what to say to when confirming an appointment:
"Now what I will do is have my corporate office put together an interactive Web site Package for your company at no cost or obligation.

On ______________ (specify date and time), our Web Specialist will be on the phone and on the Internet with you at the same time.  Do you have a pen handy? Let me give you my number, so you can call me if anything comes up and I will extend the same professional courtesy. O.K.?

Last question ... if you like everything you see, is there anyone else you would want to consult with before getting a site for your business? If so, we would like them to be there in case they have a question that you canít answer ..."

**Make sure you schedule a convenient date and time that will enable all Decision Makers (DMís) to be present during the walkthrough. By ensuring that all DM's are present and prepared, you will increased your value, credibility and chance of selling the site.

ďAlright, I will be in touch with you at (insert day and time).  Just so that we donít take up too much of your time, when we call, please be logged onto the Internet and write down any questions you may have so that we can maximize our time together.  Fair enough?Ē

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